Saturday, January 30, 2010

Hurray for the NEW Sylvanian Products!

I was informed by Kittymama on Thursday that there are new items circulating at selected toy shops here around the area. I quickly informed my mom about it and viola! Next day, I found myself racing to the nearest toy shop after work to buy this item.
Here it is! Our much awaited dream home!

Courtyard Restaurant
 *images are taken from internet

The House

*images are taken from internet

The good thing about this is that these items are
already included when you buy the house.
*images are taken from internet

Inside View

*images are taken from internet

This house costs P4199.75. Again I researched about the pricing. As always, ours is cheaper compared to HK pricing - HK$880. I just wish that this set comes with lights just like the Willow Hall House.

Aside from this house, Home interiors set is also available! It costs P549.75 only! This set includes one (1) light and a set of curtains. You may place the curtains separately or you can join them as shown in the box. 

The light in this set can be used at Willow Hall House and Courtyard restaurant. For the Willow hall you need two (2) sets of these to be placed at the right hand rooms while in Courtyard Restaurant you need four (4) sets of these for the whole house to light up.

Thank you again atchie for the tip!

The house and curtain set is available at these ff stores:
• KidZ Station Shangri-la
• Rustans Shangri-la

*// Update (1/31/09)
• They don't have yet the Courtyard Restaurant and Home Interiors set at Toy Kingdom. I checked the V-Mall branch at Greenhills.



  1. This is awesome! I've been eyeing on this one for almost a year since they had it on sale in Singapore from 6k to 4k. Glad I patiently waited. Thanks for this post! After my work today, I’ll rush to Ayala to snatch this SF Restaurant. Thanks again!

  2. Happy hunting KITKritters! Try Kidz Station Greenbelt 5 I think they have it there. =)

    I have been waiting for this house also. Good thing we have it here now and in cheaper cost pa!