Thursday, January 28, 2010

Welcome Chiffon Dog Family - and more!

Sylvanian Families here in Manila are somewhat slow in stocking new items. Maybe because the distributor are testing the market. While we are getting impatient and hoping there would be new items every week, we resort to buying Sylvanian Families online. At first we were cautious and hesitant to place an order online (there's always a first time for everything).. but then again we can not resist these cute little critters so we ordered it!

Yes! After 7-10 days of waiting, I got a notice from the post and next day I woke up really early just to make it on time get the items from the post and go to work.. and of course my mom tagged along. The post office in Manila opens 8am -5pm but the person checking the items - we call them The Custom is late! So better arrive there around 8:45am.

So when the package handed to us, the box is uneven (they just improvised a box).. not really presentable with many packing tapes but sturdy. Good thing, maybe because of the tapes, The Custom didn't really bother opening them. But we are more worried that the items inside are not in mint condition... 

When opened the package together.. we are happy to see that the items are unharmed almost in mint condition. We would like to welcome our latest family addition -  Chiffon Dog Family!
Yey! we are really drooling over this set over the internet.. actually there are many family sets that we want. But this is the first in the "priority list". hehe

Chiffon Dog Family and 3 Babies

We really like their outfits because it's unique than the rest of the families

Who could resist these babies?

Garden Light Set & Flower and Ivy Set

 Garden and light set is almost similar to Garden Furniture set with Marlanne 
minus the rabbit figure. The lamp lights up also using 2 x AAA batteries.
We bought this Flower and Ivy set to check the ivy leaves. We are now currently scouting for local "ivy leaves" that is cheaper almost similar to this set.

JP Pizza Set

We have this locally - the Pizza Parlor set which is also made by EPOCH or Flair.
But this one is the latest Pizza set i know.

All of these costs around P4,600 with P400 shipping cost. So not cheap and not so expensive IMHO. But if our distributor here can update us more of the Sylavanian Families items then I think we better buy locally because the brand new family sets here are really really cheaper than you order them online.

We are really happy with our purchase and I will post more close up pictures of the sets soon! Stay tuned!


  1. Love them all! Yay for you and your mom, shobe! Thanks for sharing with us your online buys; even vicariously, I really do enjoy them and am very happy for you, of course.

    So, okay pala ang all99. I got my eye on the cottage hospital set, heehee. Hugs, little sis!

  2. Cute! Maybe one day I will go to Japan and get Sylvanian Families.