Sunday, January 3, 2010

Orchre Dog Family - One Happy Family

Yey! My Orchre Dog family is complete! I asked my friend from HK to buy me some Sylvanian items. Yes, I was shy to let her buy my whole list of wants hehehe so I asked her to buy small items, portion by portion because i have another friend who is going to meet her and I asked them to help me with these... 

The items I received from her are Orcher Dog sister, Flower Party Set, Sylvanian Sandpit and Pool (reversible) and Home and Interior set! The Sylvanian figures at HK are somewhat expensive so I try to limit buying figures and instead buy the set items. Some of the items that I asked her to buy that is currently out of stock are Ivy and Flower set, Christmas Tree set and more Curtains and lights set~ yes, i think the curtains and lights are hard to find at HK. I'm still happy that she manages to find me one. 

Flower Party Set

*figures not included
Fits with Baby Primrose Windmill. I will try to make a review of this soon.

Home and Interiors Set

This set includes two curtains and a light. I will also try to make a review of this soon.

Sandpit and Pool

We really like this one because of its dual purpose.
More reviews coming soon!

Yesterday, I'm also able to meet Kittymama in person and we were babbling and we exchanged some SF items. I'm happy that she let me have the Orcher Dog baby and Mouse brother. I really like the Orcher Dog baby becuase it's very tiny and cute! and finally my Mouse mother is not alone anymore~ she has Mouse brother to keep her company! 

Orchre Dog Family

Special thanks to my friends, Grace, Mich and Kittymama!

JP Mouse Family

Special thanks again to Kittymama

I hope we could stay a little bit longer because both of us can not stop exchanging ideas with Sylvanian Family and I was not able to bring my mom with me. Oh i hope her dear husband is also enjoying as time I will also try to ask him things about transformers hehehe  
Hope we will meet again soon and I think I must also start to prepare the templates for the Willow Hall.. ;)


  1. I wish we could have stayed longer- next time, we should meet over lunch so it'll be longer. :-)

    I love that you were able to complete the Ocher dog family- and the baby just made it sweeter! Remember when we talked about crossdressing our extra male figures so they will become females? (Heehee.)I'm researching on the closest thing to mouse sister's clothing so I will be a step closer to completing their families. In the meantime, the hunt continues!

    Thanks for sharing this experience with us, shobe!

  2. @okasaneko
    Hello Atchi! Yes I still remembered..(hehehe) I have spare JP Cat father and i'm thinking of cross dressing him...

    I also saw some UTD booth at Mall of Asia but no Sylvanian Family insight. Meanwhile I was surprised to see that there are now two toy kingdoms at MOA and a Sanrio store also! But the Sylvanian items at MOA are few. Not worth it to check out if your main purpose is to look for SF items. I was able to pass by some crafts store there. They have many miniature items such as vases, pots, kitchen jars, flowers... I think it will fit our Sylvanian items. but also bit expensive. Php105 for the vase only... I will try to take pictures of the items soon.

    Looking to our next meeting and this time my mom must come... hindi ko na daw siya pwede iwanan. lolz

  3. My, shobe, you do get around, heehee! I'm glad you like Hello Kitty too. One of my goals this year is to finish the Hello Kitty restaurant (from the bootleg courtyard restaurant) I've been working on. Crossing my fingers they'll get done soon...

    I do have a collection of miniatures from Heavenly Stitchin' Moments; I've been hoarding right and left since this addiction hit me hard. Now, if I can only find the time to catalogue and display them, I'd be one happy Kittymama. :-)

  4. Hi Atchi.. Yes I like having field trips to different toy stores that is why. Hihihi

    Yup, that's the one Heavenly Stichin' Moments. I saw some cool grassy bushes there in frame display. Fits our Sylvanian Families but they don't sell it. If you're looking for small flowers, you might want to check out SM Dept. Store. They have small arts and crafts section there.. The flowers costs around Php49.75 per pack. This can fill up 4-5 vases or more. =)