Monday, January 4, 2010

Sylvanian Families in YouTube

Have you guys tried googling Sylvanian Families? Yes, tried. 

Spying on other collectors on their Sylvanian collections. Drooling over their collections. Oh not to mention endlessly calculating the prices and comparing them from the internet and wishing we have those Sylvanian Family sets here. 

In amidst of my Sylvanian craziness, I came across with some Sylvanian which shows TV commercial of Sylvanian items for sale. After watching, it has some effects that wants you to buy more and the feel good feeling! And I played it some more. 

This is one scene of the commercial that i manage to screen capture.
I love all the characters in this scene especially the Racoon figures!

I love how the kids cheered and the animations too. I love them all! *sigh* Really wants you to buy more! You may try and watch it here.

Here is another video that looks interesting you might want to check:
Welcome to Sylvanian Village - About a girl who dreams of visiting Sylvanian Village. Also reminds me of the real Sylvanian Village in Japan.

This is the lucky girl! See how happy she looks at this video?
Aww... We also wish to visit Sylvanian Village!


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