Thursday, January 28, 2010

A World within Sylvanian World - Toy Shop is out!

I happen to see this 1 new Sylvanan Family set when I went around toy shops last last week.... Yes, sorry for not updating this because I'm busy hunting down items for other toy collection.

The Sylvanian Toy Shop
*images are taken from internet

I adore the small scale replica of Sylvanian Family houses! Now your Sylvanian Family can shop their own toys! This set costs around P2,500... I also researched about this item.. HK price is about $410 so estimate Php2,665 (shipping cost not included). So if you want this set better buy them here!

The shop with shelf and signage 
*images are taken from internet

Items and house replicas.. over 30 pieces!
*images are taken from internet

I saw this set in these ff stores:
• Toy Town Eastwood
• Toy Kingdom Megamall
• Toy Kingdom Makati
• Kids Station Greenbelt 5
• Kids Station Shangrila (update 1/29/10)

• Kids Station Rockwell (update 1/29/10)

I think they only stocked 2-3 pieces of this set per store. 

*update 1/29/10
I think they have this set for sale almost at all toy shops now. =)


  1. Shobe, they already have this in Trinoma Toys R Us, too. :-) OMG, I was looking at your list and it means you went to all those toy shops! I am so amazed at your dedication to the SF Hunt. When we get the club formed, you will be the official Philippine SF Hunter, heehee. :-)

    By the way, I got another recruit for our club. Maybe we can set up an informal meet sometime in the next month so we can sit down and talk Sylvanian?

  2. @okasaneko
    Atchie! Yup I usually go around toy shops.. kasi merun din ako hinahanap ibang toys. So while hunting for other toys, I never fail to check our SF too. =)

    Cool! let's meet next month! I would like to give you some stuffs also. =) I also notified my mom na about this and she's excited. See you soon atchie!