Sunday, January 3, 2010

The Baby Cloud Nine

This past few days we were thinking of laying out the Baby Primrose Windmill. But first we must put the whole house and the sets to its appropriate boxes. Fixing and arranging the whole thing took me about 2 - 3 hours! 

Laying out the Windmill itself is really easy but thinking of what to pair with the Windmill and arranging of items took us some time. Especially my mom who is really active in observing good Sylvanian Family displays at the malls. She is also the one responsible for the layouts of Sylvanian items in our display... hehe i'm only good at opening boxes.. fixing and arranging items in the stalls and of course fixing and putting them back in their boxes.
I don't want to keep you waiting guys so here it is! Our Baby Primrose Windmill with some newly acquired items!

The Baby Paradise

Set included: Baby Primrose Windmill, Sandpit and Pool Set, 
Flower Party Set, Candy Wagon and Ice Cream Cart Set

Flower Party Set

Sandpit and Pool Set

The Baby Primrose and Windmill

I wish Bankee would soon try to import Balloon on Hill set soon. (or maybe not too soon because i'm broke now! hehehe) Oh! This would be perfect for Baby Primrose Windmill set! They should also consider importing the other sets that are seen on the Primrose Windmill box - the Flower Swing and Flower Party Set. Oh and some floor add-ons to Primrose Windmill Set. But in my opinion it doesn't look cute when the Primrose Windmill has the added floors...

Balloon on Hill

See upper left corner of the box! Really cute! 
Must have if you bought the Primrose Windmill set!
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Baby Primrose Windmill with Balloon on Hill

Looks very adorable. I like how the hot air balloon can be 
linked with the Baby Primrose Windmill. We are eally tempted to buy!
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 Baby Primrose Windmill with added floors

 Not cute anymore, right? Maybe we should see the actual items first. =)
The floors that can be added are the toilet set and 
top most floor is baby play room set. 
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  1. I stayed up to wait for this! And it's worth it! Everything is so lovely. The babies look like they're having a good time. I even like the random umbrella left on the bench; it seems as if one little critter forgot to bring it with him/ her. Congratulations to your mom for the beautiful layout. :-)

    Did your mom also make the pine trees in the background? They look really nice.

  2. @ okasaneko
    Hello! Thank you for waiting up. I was K.O. after blogging this. The umbrella is from the school set for male student I bought from our slashed stores. hehehe

    I was also the one responsible for making the pine trees. The trees are bought from our local crafts stores. There are different kinds of trees - Pine tree, Coconut tree, some ordinary colored trees that comes in orange and yellow leaves.

    You should also take a pictures of your Sylvanian village.. =)

  3. Hi there again,
    I got the whole Primrose set in your photos. I got the ballon on hill 5 yrs ago in Rockwell, its my 1st sylvanian toy and it was sooo cheap then (1700++, i think). The bathroom & playroom set were given to me by my eldest sis during her visit in Malaysia and got the Windmill 3 yrs ago in Singapore. They are so lovely all together!

    I was also wondering where did you got the sandpit & pool set? Thanks! Love your blogs!

    Kit - ToyHubz.multiply

  4. @Kit
    Hi I saw your collections! It's very huge and very-EPOCH I love it! I got the sandpit and pool set from HK. It costs around HK$125 lang. I asked my friend to buy for me last December. By the way that set is reversible. IMHO, must buy for SF addicts! =)