Sunday, January 3, 2010

SF updates at Kids Station

I was able to drop by at Kids Station (Rockwell) yesterday because we were looking for Sylvanian babies to add at our newly opened Baby Primrose Windmill... 
I was surprised to see some items that are not present in the Sylvanian Party last November 2009 and please take note that these Sylvanian sets I spotted are not usually seen in any other toy stores...

Dining Room

* figures not included
*images taken from internet 

Baby Pram

* figures not included
*images taken from internet

Mother with Fridge

Please take note that this set is with Dog mother. 
If you have collected the Choco Rabbit family set and also want to collect the fridge item, now is your chance to buy this set without having extra / double Choco Mother.
*images taken from internet
Mother Cycling with Baby

This set fits perfectly with Day at Seaside set wherein 
the father and brother dog are enjoying at the seaside. 
 *images taken from internet

It's good to be back here again! Sorry guys my internet is very very slow these past few days and I was not able to keep my blog up to date. My recent acquired baby Sylvanian items includes Baby Sheep (comes with carrying case), Baby Cat and Baby Squirrel. (see pictures below)

Our New Babies

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