Sunday, February 7, 2010

Fancy Courtyard restaurant opens today!

Yesss! We were finally able to display our latest acquired SF house - The Courtyard Restaurant! Everyone is invited!

Fancy Restaurant on dry run. Food is on the house! Yey

Welcome to Daddy Chiffon's Fancy Courtyard restaurant house!

 Kitsune sister is playing with Choco Rabbit Baby.

Chiffon and Macavity father having a toast.
Chiffon father still recalls how he started 
with restaurant business... 

Chiffon father started out as a wagon-restaurant. 
His goal is to have a bigger place someday.

He used his hard-earned money to buy the restaurant home.

Bear sister is enjoying Baked Macaroni and Bear mother is helping
Macavity family cook for the guests.

Cottontail Rabbit and Bear brother is having a light snack.

 The dry run is successful! Chiffon mother ensures 
everyone is satisfied!

Everybody is having a happy time. Wallnut father 
loves the flowers, overlooks from the balcony.


Thank you for looking. Hope you like it!


  1. The restaurant looks great! I'm glad you're really enjoying the new toy; mine's back in the box. I also like how you made Mr. Doughty an entrepreneur who worked his way up from the hamburger stand, hehe. :-)

  2. Btw, any new news on other arrivals, shobe? I got laid down low by the flu this past week so I stayed in and rested (horrors!) instead of toy shops hunting. :-(

  3. Hi atchi! Thanks! That was the first thing came to my mind when we set up the restaurant. hehehe

    Atchi, there are no new arrivals this week. But ToyKingdom (SM MKT) also has Courtyard Restaurant and Home Interiors set na! This is good news for someone who has the Toy Kingdom card and SM Advantage Card! They also carry the Mother Maroon with baby on bicycle, Orcher dog with fridge and SF Toy Shop. I also was not able to go toy hopping this week hehehe

    Get well soon atchi! I will keep in touch when I saw something new. =)

  4. hi there what country are you from?
    im from uk
    love all your sylvanian sets xx