Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Latest Sylvanian Families 2010 Release

Having nothing to do at the office, I came across Japanese Sylvanian Families webpage and found that they have new figures and houses to be released! I checked around ebay and inquired to some online shops...they do not have these yet. These items are only available in Japan. It will be available worldwide after some time.  

In my personal opinion, items that are newly released from Japan will be available in our local market after 1-2 years? I'm not sure though but for example the Primrose Windmill house is new here but when I look at Japanese websites, it has been release quite some time. They have new version of baby theme parks already.. So let's hope that they would not make us wait 2 years for these items... 

*Warning very graphic-heavy

I compiled the lists of new items and the theme for 2010 release would be School. The following items are Japan release and you may click on the image to enlarge picture:

New Forest School (S-43)


Best Friends Going to School Set (S-44)


School Lunch Set (S-45)

Concert Set (S-46)

School Festival Set - I want to Be a Princess (S-47)

Girls Uniform set (D-20)

Boys Uniform set (D-21)

More SF furniture house items 2010 release:

Breakfast Set (カ-414)

Baby Jungle Gym (カ-212)

Baby Triple Cot Set (カ-214)


Kitchen Oven (カ-413)

Twin Pram (? Model)


Deer family (シ-51 to シ-56)

There would also be 3rd release of Willow Hall House! This is really cool because the middle flooring can be flipped. Reverse side is Grass patch.. I wonder if this set includes a fountain...


There will also be new release of Starter House or the Sycamore Cottage...

It seems that there is nothing new with this house.. 
But wait 'til you see this! (scroll next picture please)

I think this is something new here the middle part is detachable
which gives the house a high ceiling! I'm not sure if Starter House
that are currently available here can transform into this state...

Now the Willow Hall House looks more like "Willow Hall Mansion" with the 
Sycamore Cottage attached to it instead of previous release Terrace house.
I wonder if the new starter house would also fit to our 2nd release of Willow Hall House...

Though this is not in the list of new release, this is the new Baby Play Park 2009 release...(this is what I'm talking about from the start)

JP Baby Play Park 2009

Baby Theme Park as a whole. This includes:
JP Baby Play Park 2009, JP Baby Food Court, JP Choco Train, 
JP Baby Coffee Cup and JP Baby Merry Go Round

These are the new figures release from UK:
Ellwood Family and Twins

Fielding Mouse or JP Acorn Mouse in Japan

Dapple Dawn Fawn Family and Twins

Billabong Family and Twins

I'm really getting excited with these new Sylvanian Family release. I really do hope that these will be available really soon at our local market or else we will be tempted to order online! =)

*The images are from www.sylvanianfamilies.com and sylvanian-families.jp.


  1. Hello, sis! Love the new releases of JP SF. I don't feel the pressing need to acquire them all, though, seeing how I am still trying to "catch up" with more than two decades of older stuff, hehe. Buti na lang, else, I think I would go crazy. :-)

    As for the Philippine market being slower than that of Japan, I think it really depends on how vigorous the market is here. If SFs are selling well, the distributor would be more inclined to introduce new stuff. And of course, we can't always discount the fact that SF keeps re-releasing older items after a while. That adds to the perception that our market is late in new stocks. Again, I think it would benefit us more if we get more people interested in this toy line. How to make that happen is another thing, though.

    Thanks for this great update, shobe. It does give me something to look forward to in the future. :-)

  2. korek kitty mama!harriet

  3. i saw the new forest school on the website and then they took it off !!!!....grrrr

  4. where can i buy these? and what are the prices? i really want the double pushchair for my daughter.