Wednesday, February 17, 2010

SF Kitchen at Tokyo Bay

This is something interesting. I came across this blog while researching for JP Sylvanian Families 2010 release. I hope they would make something like this here...But I know these are just n my dreams...hehe

Just by reading the blog using Google translate i think this is at LalaPort, near Katta Road, you'll pass by Nerima Bridge? I'm just guessing...

Top Signage of SF Kitchen

Entrance to the Kitchen
I think you'll have to passby the toys before reaching ti the restaurant

The Door Entrance Sign
I think this is the price when you dine in. 
When you eat at between lunch and dinner time there will be discount.

Window Display


Sylvanian UK Pleasure Boat Display

Now, You go in the store

Inside the Store
*Gasp* so many SFs!

Inside the Restaurant

This is their high chair for babies.

Dish used for buffet

Buffet food: Some curry and rice salad

More food: Pasta and Pizza

Some pancakes with cute Sylvanian drawings

I think they will perform a show and then Choco Rabbit 
sister will go around and greet you at your table.

Sylvanian Restaurant kitchen is really nice right? I think there's also one in Bangkok and another in Singapore. =)
Ohh I hope someday I can go to these places with my mom.. especially Japan! 

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  1. nice blog you have ms moodswings! :) my dream destination is sylvanian morino kitchen too!