Saturday, March 6, 2010

New Arrivals of Sylvanian Families items!

I have been informed by Kittymama that there are new SF items now that are in stock. After my mom's appointment, we headed to the nearest toy shop today. Since Kitkritters went to Robinson's Place and Kidz Station at Powerplant, I decided to check other toy stores - just for the heads up of SF sightseeings. So here we are at Robinson's Galleria!

All of these sets came with EPOCH boxes except for Wedding Car.
Here it is ~ my Sylvanian Family Findings:

Lucas and Toilet Room  P699.75

Mama Diana and Ref  P499.75

Mama Angela and Kitchen

Stefania Plays Piano  P499.75

High Chair  P279.75

Arm Chairs and Table   P379.75
This picture may vary from actual item. 
The one that's on sale have light color. 
White fabric with Pink floral pink. 
Wedding Car   P649.75

Luxury Living room   P1,299.75

Aaron's Vegetable set with Marco   P1,199.75
This set comes with 2 figures
Cottontail Rabbit Father and brother.

Baby Train Playhouse  P749.75

Balloon on Hill   P1,799.75

Doormice Family   P999.75

Doormice Twins P299.75

Buttermilk Twins  P299.75

Racoon Family  P999.75

Fox Family  P999.75

Beaver Family
 This one didn't came with the new arrivals. 
It has been in the stand for quite sometime now
but not all malls have them. I happen to see them in 
Robinson's Place and Galleria. I think hey have it 1-2 sets
of these per toy shop.

After we that we went to Toy Kingdom, SM Mega Mall branch... We are planning to buy there so we can earn the points but not all of the items there are complete.. They do not have the Train Playhouse and Luxury Living room there. So we bought Fox Family, Raccoon Family and Buttermilk Baby Twins. 


Toy shops  that have the new items on stock:
• Robinson's Galleria, EDSA
• Robinson's Place, Ermita
• Toy Kingdom, SM Megamall 
• Kidz Station, Power Plant Mall 
• Toy Town, Eastwood (3/7/2010) 

*//Update (3/7/2010)
I went to Toy town, Eastwood to check the new items. I'm looking for the Luxury Living Room and Baby Train and they are out of stock at this toy shop... almost all of the new items are sold out! They only have these sets:
• Lucas and toilet seat x1
• Wedding Car
• Arm chairs and table
• Mama Angela and Kitchen x 1
• Balloon on hill
• Arm chairs and table
• Stefania plays piano x1
• Home interior set - I know this one is not new anymore but other toy shops like Toy Kingdom Megamall and Robinsons Galleria doesn't have them.

I went back to Robinson's Galleria and I'm very happy that the sets I'm looking for are still on the stand... so far the items that they don't have stock is Mama Angela and Kitchen set and Luxury Living Room. 

Special thanks again to Kittymama and KITkritters

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