Sunday, March 7, 2010

Review: Epoch Japan vs Local

Since I have my hands on new fox family, I can now make a comparison on Japan version which comes in individual boxes and family sets that are sold here locally.

I have here two fox sister in hand. I immediately noticed that the local fox sister has longer limbs. Her dress is shorter, maybe her dress is meant for japan fox sister's height.  The local fox sister looks tall and slender as oppose to JP version- stout and fluffier. The quality texture of local fox sister's is slightly sacrificed.


Next thing is their hands. We noticed that family sets that are sold locally have hands that can hold on to items but Japan version's hands doesn't have this feature.


The fur of  the Japan fox family is more "fluffy". When you take the local fox family out of the box, their tails are flat because of the elastic band.

But my mom was able to make some remedy of this situation

Here's how:

Step 1: lightly brush your fingers on the tail. 
In that way, It spreads the fur.

Step 2: Twist and turn the tail. 
Better if you twist it from the end of the tail.
 Step 3: repeat steps 1 and 2 until satisfied.

Last but not the least is value for money. It seems that the items that are on sale locally are much cheaper compared when you bought it abroad. Local family sets will only cost around P999.75. Completing family that came with individual boxes will roughly cost P1,700 plus shipping rates. 

Now, I can not really decide if cheaper is better because the quality of the items are slightly sacrificed. But I am still happy with my new family sets purchase. I hope that they will still keep new items coming in. 


  1. Nice review! That's the reason why I rarely buy flair SF figures because of the quality. I also have the Fox Family by Epoch and indeed, they are way cuter than the Flair Version. Same with the Panda Family that looks skinny with their outfit like the Fox Family.

  2. Hi KITkritters! Thank you and yes JP Epoch versions are the best for me but sadly we don't have it here maybe because it's more expensive. And yes I agree with you that the family sets sold here are skinnier compared to Epoch JP versions. But any way, it's better to have one than none. hehehe

  3. Hi, shobe!

    I think a distinction should be made between the terms "local" and "locally distributed products". I think "singles" and "family sets" would have been better qualifying terms to describe the two products you were comparing, as "local" tends to make people think it was made here in the country, when in fact, it is only distributed here. Both your foxes are Epoch JP, by the way. That being said, allow me to commend you on the nice review. It's also great how your mom remedied the less bushy tail of the fox from the family set.

    Personally, I happen to like them all- whether they be singles or families, Epoch JP or Flair UK. They do have minor differences here and there, but on the whole, these simply add to their charm. I already have the complete Fox family which comes in single boxes but I am still looking forward to owning the family set. Thanks again for the informative review!

  4. P.S. Oh, I stand corrected. They are both Epoch but one is Epoch JP and what is released here is Epoch Europe (Netherlands).

  5. Atchi! Hello!
    Thank you for correcting me I think labeling them "Singles" and "Family Sets" would be better. =) Thanks Again!

  6. Hello,shobe! I miss your posts. I keep checking your site for new updates. I hope you have more stories to tell us. :-)

    Happy Easter, little sis! Blessings to you and your family always!

  7. Wow, I never knew that the Flair versions where shorter! thanks for pointing that out! I deff prefer the Epoch dolls much better. Especially with the standing babies, I like that their outfits are knitted, while the Flair versions have cloth clothing.

  8. Love your review! I like JP version most. The fabric of the clothes are better quality a and uses I think better quality material as a whole. However all versions are made in china, perhaps different design and quality materials :) I think online finds are great, if looking for rare or discontinued items. :)