Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter New Arrivals!

Good news my Sylvanian fellow addicts! I saw some new arrivals at Rustan's Makati branch. I was planning to go movie marathon but when I arrived at Glorietta movie house, all the people were also there.. It's really crowded and that's when I decide not to watch anymore and instead go on Sylvanian hunting! Well, to tell you the truth, I was not hoping that there would be new arrivals. The first thing I saw is the Woodland bus but i'm not so sure because I was far away... (I think that my mind must be playing tricks with me.. it must be the Hamburg Wagon) but when I came near it, it's really a new item. WOW!

Check out the new arrivals:

Woodland Bus - P2,999, Flair Box

Family Car (est. price P1,800) and Caravan (est. price P3,495) 
each sold separately, both in Flair box
The family car sold at the mall is the blue one. 
See the next picture for reference

Yep, This is the Blue family car that is sold here.

Top and back view of the car. The box is approximately same size as the Toy shop box.

This is what you see when you open the caravan. 
There's sleeping area, kitchen, living room and even the bathroom!
The furnitures are included when you buy the set. 

I compared the price here and from Hong Kong at P1=5.7 rate conversion, the Woodland bus there costs around HKD$460 (P2,659); Family Car (green version with 1 grandparent rabbit figure included) HKD$375 (P2,168.14). They don't have the individual caravan set... but they have the family car and caravan sold as set at HKD$895 (P5,174). I think the price difference is almost the same for all the sets except for Woodland bus.. Oh I also saw some Bus conductor and driver set at HK Sylvanian site that will fit with the Woodland bus set HKD$150 (P867).

Happy Sylvanian Easter Hunting!


  1. Thanks for posting, sis! The new arrivals are definitely worth having. :-)
    Remember when we used to hope that Ban Kee would add more items? Well, A said that we should be careful for what we ask for, they just might come true, and- here's the best part- they're sure to be expensive! We need to earn more money for these SF honey!
    Thank you, shobe, for this great post.

  2. Hello atchi yeah...sure they are expensive! We must wait for the sale, really! BTW, just for updates, I dropped by SM TK at V-Mall yesterday, they don't have the new items pa. =)
    I hope they would make a membership with at least 10% off for SF purchase anytime so we wouldn't have to wait for the sale. heheheheh

  3. Hi!
    I can see you're an expert in all things Sylvanian... maybe you can help me. I'm thinking about buying this darling little car, but I can't seem to find anywhere what size it is. How long and wide is it? Maybe you could check this for me....?
    thanks anyway!