Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Newly renovated Courtyard Restaurant

My renovation a.k.a. wallpapering the Courtyard restaurant is finally finished! Yipee! I had this done during Holy Week period... Yes, I was having my retreat with my fellow critters.

In span of two to three weeks I was able to renovate all the rooms. So how did I do it? Here are some tips..I find it hard to measure the width or length of the walls because the ruler is very long (I use standard 12" ruler). So I broke it into three parts. Now it's easier to measure it!
I admit I'm not really good in math so I use my own standard of measurements and then I immediately draw them on blank paper. After drawing it into a blank paper, I cut the pattern out and then try them on the walls. If it needs adjustments to fit the wall, I redraw the pattern again by tracing the cut-out and alter them and then cut it out again until I'm satisfied with the pattern I made. As for the curvy windows I just try place the paper on the wall and trace it. I know this is hard but "Patience is a Virtue". Another is I imagine the curve part to be square-ish and draw them. After this I just draw the curves and cut it out. When placing the pattern above the wall I use my nail to mark/trace the excess parts of the paper and then remove the pattern, cut the excess, trace, and cut the new revised pattern.
Now, I use the pattern and draw them on my wallpaper and cut them out. So here! My newly renovated Courtyard Restaurant. and I'm very satisfied with the results!

Living Room(Ground Floor)

V.I.P. Room (Second Floor)

Guest Room (also Second Floor)

I was thinking of transferring the pattern into the computer and share them. So it will be easier for us to make custom wallpapers and save us from shelling out whopping Php800++ original wallpapers from Japan ... but I'm not really sure where to begin because I still have the patterns but they are only 70-90% accurate. 


  1. Bravo! Well done! The rooms are lovely. I love your polka dot wallpapers, and even the strawberry themed paper. :-)

  2. Thank you atchi! What are your latest acquisitions ah? Do you want to check what I was talking about when we met - the vintage Sylvanian Castle in the sky. I can't seem to find a picture online. But the castle is in pastel colors I think. The seller can meet weekends at Trinoma. =) If you are interested I can give you his number.

  3. This is beautiful!!! I was wondering what would be a good method to wallpaper. I LOVE your selection of colors, and it adore that living room set with the red couches. You have totally inspired me for the living room in my first house (when I buy it soon, LOL!!!)