Monday, February 8, 2010

Unboxed: JP Pizza Set 2009

Chiffon Family has franchised a Pizza parlor to add something new to their restaurant!

Mother slicing the pizza while the children 
are enjoying their breakfast

We feel that there is still missing at our newly setup Fancy Courtyard Restaurant. So we dig in to our Sylvanian boxes, planning to add more character perhaps and I found this! 

JP Pizza Set 2009!

I bought this together with the Chiffon Family last month. We also have Pizza Set here at our local toy stores but it is totally different from JP Pizza Set 2009 version. 

This is the Pizza Parlor Set that we have here for sale
*images are borrowed online

Well, just by looking at these pictures I guess that the Pizza Parlour set we have here has more items inside. It has a delivery motor, a telephone, calculator, Pizza delivery boy outfit.. But what attracted me to buying the JP Pizza Set 2009 is the red Pizza stove. I like its curvy modern finish. Here are the items included at JP Pizza Set 2009...

Close up picture of foods

There are four kind of pizza in here. The middle pizzas can be separated into 4 slices. The set includes only two plates but here we have 4 kinds of dishes so we can interchange the foods and same goes with the pizzas.

The JP Pizza Set costs around P1,000. I forgot how much it cost for the Pizza set we have here but looking at the prices online it almost cost the same - P1,100. (Sylvanian HK pirces as my reference)

I guess the main difference between the two sets is that the Pizza Parlour Set that we have here is much concentrated in pizza delivery while the JP Pizza set is more "dine in" thing. It  doesn't matter what set you buy here because it will all depends on how you play it.  

Oh, I found this online, maybe if we purchased this we can also have dine in and delivery for the Pizza franchise! Yipee! I will add this to our long list of Sylvanian wants! hehe This set costs  around P936. (again, Sylvanian HK price as reference)

This set is called Pizza Shop with mouse figure. 
But I think it's more like Pizza delivery only. =)
*images are borrowed online


  1. Oh, the Chiffon dogs are very enterprising! I think they already have a monopoly of the food business in your village. :-)

    I like the JP pizza set, too, only I got the other pizza set already. It was one of the first things I received from A when he started buying SFs for me. If I add it to my already mile-long wish list, A might have an anxiety attack already. I think I'll let him breathe easily for a while, heehee.

  2. Oops, I forgot, the pizza shop sold here also has 4 pizzas. :-)

  3. Hehe Yes they are. hihi Oh really? it has also 4 pizzas? Cool! Thank you for informing me atchi!

    My mom was also looking at the Wedding sets online..She wants the JP wedding,Wedding banquet set and brides maid set! *gulp* While I agree with her i'm also looking at the donut stand set and sweets buffet set... *sigh* the never ending list... hehehehe

  4. Shobe, I have a little something for you at my blog. I hope you like it. Please check out

    Happy day, sis!

  5. Hi Atchi! I saw this yesterday! I love it! Thank you for featuring my blog. =)