Sunday, December 6, 2009

New Sylvanian Families stocks!

Yesterday I went to see Planet 51 animated  movie at Rockwell Power Plant Mall. On my way there I happen to pass by the largest Kids Station that I know of.. They replenished their stocks with the latest Sylvanian items!!!

For those of you who miss the Sylvanian Families party at Kids Station, Green Belt 5 branch, now is your chance to grab those exclusive items! **YEY** The stocks sold at the GB5 party is same now at the Rockwell branch. Here are some new items you must not miss.....

Kennelworth Dalmatian Family

 (They also have the babies too!)

Persis Persian Cat Family

(They also have the babies too!)

 Juice Bar with Figure Set
 (The figure is included in the set)

 A Day at the Seaside

  (The figures are included in the set also)

 Primrose Park

  (Figues not included this time)

They still have some individual beds you can buy, new yellow sofa set, Birthday Rabbit with cake, some Garden chairs and tables and BBQ Party set. I think Kids Station at Rockwell is one of the "Sylvanian Families haven" for collectors and for someone who wants to start their own collection. I haven't dropped by at Toy Kingdom and Toys R Us to see if they have the new stocks.


  1. Yes, these were the items available at the Sylvanian Party, but these are sold at regular prices already and without discounts. But it's good they're already bringing in new items. :-)

  2. yey! i just bought some of those! i told them that its for my daughter, but some how for me too! thay also have the burger wagon! hahah! also check out kids station and rustans in shang! how can i be part of this blog?)harriet

  3. @harriet
    Good for you! Yes the Hamburger Wagon is really nice but I haven't bought that set because I have so many "wants" in the Sylvanian Families collection that I must prioritize.. or else I'm broke! hehehe I think you just have to click "follow" link under Fellow SF Fanatics to follow this blog.

  4. poppop said....
    sooo coool love it
    all. but i cant cause
    im broke so ill have to
    whait. oh well.

    o lol hahaha