Tuesday, December 1, 2009

My Mini Sylvanian Collection

After weeks of going crazy over Sylvanian items, I managed to buy a Willow Hall House and furnitures. At first I only bought the garden set so I can individually display them in 1:24 cases.. but then our (me and my mom) addiction grew.. and finally when there's a sale discount last October we managed to buy the whole set... and we also have a customized case for the whole Willow Hall House to fit in. I think the dimensions of this case is similar to what we see in the Sylvanian display case at the mall...

From this experience all I can say its really eye- popping expensive and we tried hard to resist.. but there's 101% satisfaction after we purchased it. ^______^

We also have a hard time figuring where to put the whole house because it's really big. Finally, we agreed to put it in the corner of my study table. A fraction of the display case is already protruding but we don't care. We are very happeeeee...

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