Saturday, December 5, 2009

My JP Sylvanian Figures from slashed stores

Last week and past few weeks I have been very busy looking for cheaper Sylvanian Family figures.. Although I am always few minutes late in spotting a store that sells those figues, I still manage to snatch some items...

Here are the family indivuduals I bought from HappyToys and and WonderToys all together.

Cat Family

Beagle Dog Family

Orcher Dog Family

and some random figures 

(gray Rabbit brother, Squirrel father, Mouse mother, and fox sister) 

For now, my goal is to  complete Orcher dog family - i only lack Orcher sister and babies. Then Fox family, although I only got sister fox. Actually, I like to complete them all! hehehe I also like White Mouse family and babies they's so cute! It reminds me of Voltron's animated series the Space Mouse Family!



  1. I was able to complete the Ochre dogs already (complete with baby). I'll check if I have doubles of the characters you want and I'll send you a message. Hope you complete your families soon. :-)

  2. You are so lucky that you can share your collection with each other! :-)