Thursday, December 3, 2009

HappyToys SF Hunts

Here are my recent sight seeings / buys at happy toys...

1. Orcher Dog Father
2. Baby Playpen
3. Party Dress Shopping
    *The dress missing on the bottom right is worn buy sister cat in my previous blog "Slab is Up"
4. Going to School Dress Up
     *The text is in japanese so i assume that is the name of the set. This is seen worn buy Orcher dog brother beside sister cat in my previous blog also.

I have also seen these ff Sylvanian items:
1. Blue baby dalmatian:(image ref link)
2. Baby Rabbit: (image ref link)
3. some boats and oakwood manor but the box is really torn apart.

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  1. hi, may i ask where happytoys is? thank you..:)