Monday, December 7, 2009

More SF from HappyToys

Today I dropped by to see that they have these two vintage SF families! I think the best time of the week to visit HappyToys is Friday. All the people are friendly there during Fridays. =)

These items below are vintage Sylvanian Family Figures from 1985-1990's and produced by Flair. I'm not sure if they are reissue though. The boxes are semi-damaged but the figures inside are still perfect and intact.

Treefellow Owl Family

Evergreen Grey Bear Family

They still have few stocks of SF pony, Baby Dalmatian (standing in blue outfit), and Evergreen Grey Bear Family. However, have super plenty of the Owl family (cream color), Treefellow Owl family, Marjorie the circus monkey and Brother cat JP figure...


  1. hi!

    where is this happy toy?



  2. @harriet hi Sorry again for late replies. Happy Toys is located at Prime Block Tutuban Mall. =)