Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Sylvania Mania in Singapore 2010

Last week, I took two weeks off from my work and go on vacation in Australia. On my way home, I was given an opportunity to stay for a few days in Singapore.. During my stay, It was their Singapore annual "Sale" month. While I see women falling in line to get in the stores of Louis Vuitton, Prada, Burberry shops, I was busy falling in line at MRT station visiting toy shops from one place to another. Yes, it was a cool experience!
There are numerous TRU shops in Singapore and I managed to visit at least branches - Paragon plaza, Suntec Mall and The Forum Shopping Mall. 

SF Display shelf in one of TRU Shop I visited.

Another SF Display shelf in TRU Shop

The most favorite shopping store I visited was Takashimaya Department Store in Orchard road. The toys section is at Level 3. They have many SF in JP packaging.. IMHO they have the most number of SF products in all the toy shops I visited...

(L-R): Nursery School, Nursey Playground Swing,
Riverside House, and Chapel with characters

Front of Grand Hotel Mansion with
Bakery Shop and Brablebrook Grange house

Back of Grand Hotel Mansion

Another BrabbleBrook Grange House

I wish I can stay there for few more hours....**sigh** My time there was really not enough. I haven't visited 2-3 shops from my list of itinerary. I was not able to go back to shops that has some items that I'm interested with that is not available in the following shops I visited. But still I managed to grab some SF items...

Silk Cat Family with Baby (EPOCH)
SilkCat Father and Mother SGD$14.95 (approx Php262.35)*
SilkCat Brother and Sister SGD$12.95 each (approx Php262.35)*
SilkCat Baby SGD$7.95 (approx Php262.35)*

White Mouse Twins (EPOCH)
SGD$16.95 (approx Php559.35)*

Baby Bear
SGD$7.95 (approx Php262.35)

Bridesmaid Set
SGD$24.95 (approx Php823)

Wedding Party Set
SGD$34.95 (approx Php1,153)

WillowHall Conservatory
SGD$39.90 (approx Php1,318)

Nursery Playground Swing 
SGD$29.95 (approx Php988.35)

Deluxe TV set
SGD$11.95? (approx Php394.35)*

Child Study Desk 
SGD$11.95? (approx Php394.35) *

White Fridge
SGD$11.95? (approx Php394.35)"

Girl's Dress
SGD$9.95 (approx Php328)

Here are the list of shops I visited:
TRU at Paragon Plaza, Takaskimaya Dept. Store, TRU at Suntec Mall and TRU at Forum Shopping mall. 


  1. Yay! I was waiting for this! :-) Thanks, shobe!

    I love the items you got; they are all so pretty. Would you mind sharing their cost in Singapore dollars? Btw, if you check the new arrivals in stores, you'll find that they already have the new television here. :-)


  2. Hello Atchi! sorry to keep you waiting... Had many things to do when I got here. Ok i will try to look for the receipt... I will post the price for reference. (shucks now you'll see how much I spent na on toys waaaa)

    As for the new arrivals, I haven't seen the tv set pa atchi.. But I did visit Rustan's at Shangri-la. Parang konti lang nasa display nila... They did have ung carry case with 2 babies! P669.75 yata un as I recalled.

    I just wish I had bigger lagguage so I can fit more SF toys because I have to remove some of the SF figures from their boxes and flatten the boxes para lang magkasya sila sa lagguage.

  3. Items with (*) sign are items that I'm not quite sure about the price.

    Atchi! I updated pa the list merun ako nalimutan ilagay hehehe

  4. Hi!
    I an also a collector and a graphics designer! :)

  5. where is sylvanian family stores in singapore???

  6. I absaloutly love sylvanian families !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. You can find Sylvanian family in Takashimaya and OG in Singapore. If you need help to purchase, I can help you.

  8. Hi there...

    What does IMHO means?

  9. Hi i live by vivo city um,where are some places other than toys r us?To get salvainan famliys?

  10. Hi selling lot's of sylvanian families toys and collection , do text me at 85226783 for more informations thanks!

  11. Hi do u still selling SF toys? Thanks