Thursday, June 17, 2010

Sylvanian Fairy Fantasy

I had nothing to do in the office today that I decided to update my SF Blog. While looking for pictures in the internet, I came across this new JP SF Release - "SF Fairy Fantasy Set" well this is what I will label them for now.
(I can't read Japanese...)

These newer version of Fairy Theme looks awesome!
The main attraction Tree House

Well I will call this TreeTrunk Hideout House for now...
Reverse side

  Leaf Boat

Floral Swing

Fairy Baby Characters

I'm looking forward to see the actual items... Hope they will also release JP Epoch versions here.


  1. Cuuutttteee! Hope these fairies will land here for keeps!

  2. These are so cute! Great range to add to an ever increasing collection from Sylvanian Families!

  3. Definently, absolutely gonna buy that when i can! The idea is very fascinating, to me it's kinda like "the secret world of sylvanian babies" :D Im also really happy that the fairies came back, because i was born 1999 so i haven't been able to buy the first ones. I hope i could still maybe find them in ebay or something :DD

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  5. Hi,which website did you find the pictures from?

  6. Wow these are so cute.
    I love the leaf boat.
    I wish they would hurry up and bring them out over here.
    My daughter loves the babies and also loves fairies (what little girl doesn't?). Great combination.