Thursday, June 17, 2010

SilkCat Family's New House

There are lots of new arrivals of SF items here but I haven't made my "Toy Shop Marathon" this weekend because I was busy playing with my new purchases of SF items... Silk Cat Family welcomes everyone to their new WillowHall "Rest House" Conservatory!

 One fine Sunday afternoon..
 Silk Cat Father and Mother
are enjoying their afternoon tea.

Silk Cat sister playing with the guests outside and 
taking care of Baby Silk Cat. Oops but SilkCat baby is not here!
Where is he hiding?

 Oh there he is! Hiding behind the trees of
Nursery Swing Playset!

Baby SilkCat has found new friends!

Meanwhile Inside WillowHall Conservatory...

 Father Fox, holding the daily movie guide,
busy himself with the new TV set

 Guest are enjoying their scrumptious merienda!
(looks like they're really hungry, huh?)
All are happy and celebrating!


  1. Sis, I love them all! They're so pretty!

  2. beautiful setup! I hope to own the Silk Cats one day :3

  3. Hi
    You have some beautiful sets and well done with the photos!
    I am learning to take photos of my daughter's SF characters-thankfully I have a DSLR so I can make mistakes and move on quickly!

  4. Wooow you make this house look so homey with all the cute little sylvanians around it and all the cute furniture inside of it :) Btw great job with the photos they turned out good! :)

    - Sharni

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